About Us

About Picardy

Picardy, a brand of Soneri Care was established in 1992 with the aim of providing flawless beauty and personal care products with natural components guaranteeing natural and healthy skin in no time.

Our Mission

Picardy is dedicated to providing wide range of personal and beauty care products that will enhance your natural beauty from deep within, and become a one-stop solution for all your skin and beauty needs.

Our Vision

We are committed to challenge the conventional standards of beauty and empowering our valued customers by making personal care and skin wellness the ultimate goal.

About Soneri Care

Soneri Care was established in 1992 with the goal of creating a skincare company that provides a wide range of personal care products, including creams, soaps, face wash’s and more. Since its founding it had started producing within Pakistan and its local market with the aim of expanding over the globe, and now after over 30 years the Soneri Group has expanded its exports to 82 nations in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. We provide skincare products with solely natural components, devoid of any potentially dangerous substances. Guaranteeing flawless natural looking healthy skin in no time.


Health, Safety & Environment

Integrated Policy

Soneri care is devoted to the following goals:

-Supports its strategic direction and is appropriate to the purpose and context.
-By providing products and services that are safe and dependable, we can maximize customer satisfaction.
-Utilize personal and professional growth to empower team members.
-Establish a workplace culture in which employee physical integrity is our primary concern.
-By constantly reviewing and monitoring processes and activities, we determine its goals and training requirements.
-Prevent pollution at its source and reduce waste wherever possible.
-The leadership of the company is committed to ensuring that environmental protection is firmly ingrained in the culture of the business and of all of its employees.
-Give every employee the authority to actively report unsafe conditions and take steps to ensure safety.
-adhere to all legal and other requirements pertaining to quality, the environment, and health and safety.