Picardy Ex-Foliate Sun Dullness Facewash (glowing skin)

Comprised of micro-exfoliating foam Niacinamide, Picardy facewash is effective in cleansing the dullness and impurities caused by regular sun exposure. Clinically proven, our sun dullness face wash removes dark spots and gives you an even complexion. The presence of glycerin, Myristic acid and propylene glycol clears the skin and removes 99% of pimples causing germs and dead cells.


Picardy Ex-Foliate Sun Dullness Facewash, Picardy Whitening Facewash products exfoliate your skin gently and leave fair, clear, and radiant skin. They cleanse the pores deeply and keep your skin hydrated all day long. No more worrying about oily skin, dullness, and blemishes. Safe for daily use. See More