Picardy Vitamin C Serum

The best solution for all your skin problems from discoloration, dullness to uneven skin texture and tone. Contains Niacinamide that has brightening agent and builds keratin which enhances skin elasticity and provides deep moisture. Best to reduce open pores, acne, dullness, redness and blemishes; and correct uneven skin tone. Use twice a day for immediate results.


The Introduction of Picardy Vitamin C Face Serum:

We’re proud to introduce our very own Picardy vitamin c serum is manufactured right here in Pakistan. Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant – stimulates collagen production. It is a key ingredient in reducing pigmentation and inflammation. It fights fine lines and whitens your skin complexion. Our serum has anti-aging properties. Daily applying of our serum will give you brighter and smoother skin after every wash. A best skincare product for your beauty. We are one of the leading Vitamin c serum manufacturer in Pakistan which is after export to all over the world.

Advantages of  Vitamin C Serum:

Anti-Aging Magic: Our Vitamin serum isn’t just any serum, it’s packed with anti-aging properties that keep your skin looking youthful and natural.

Daily Delight: Use of our serum on daily basis can make your skin more brighter and fresh.

Reducing Pigmentation: Using our Vitamin C Face Serum on daily basis can reduce pigmentation and dark spots  on your face and give you a healthy look.

Fighting Fine Lines: This serum helps to fight the signs of aging, making your skin look softer and more younger.

Brightening Your Face: Applying Best Vitamin C Serum regularly can brighten your face and give a glowing face

It’s safe for All Skin types: Our Vitamin C Serum by is safe for all type of skin. See More